actor: Anna Friel


December 4, 2012
When you watch "Peter Pan," have you ever wondered how he got to Neverland or how the feud between him and Hook started? This movie offers the answers. It seems that Peter was an orphan who James Hook got from a work house in London, along with a few other boys. Peter looked up to "Jimmy," but he [...]

Land of the Lost

My, how the times have changed over the years. The Krofft brothers, the same brothers who produced the beloved TV series "Land of the Lost" in the seventies, and then brought it back in a recycled form, have now made a major motion picture based on the show. Gone is the innocence of the original [...]

Everlasting Piece, An

Funny and often poignant, this story of two blue-collar blokes gives us a fully dimensional view of life and hopes in a country torn by religious and political strife. Unfortunately, the language is also blue collar. While religious dogma is a part of their lives, the commands of God’s Word seem [...]

Goal! The Dream Begins – Filtered

This is an example of a film that could have been a great family movie, but there is too much drinking going on, even in the Clear Play filtered version. There is enough positive material in “Goal!” and even the overall theme is very positive, that it is too bad the filmmaker felt the need to [...]