actor: Audrey Tautou

The DaVinci Code

November 14, 2006
Ron Howard has directed a twisting and winding thriller that is both long and unimaginative. Unlike "National Treasure" which was based on similarly secretive organizations, this film is both violent and vulgar at the same time. During one particularly gruesome sequence, we are forced to watch as [...]

A Very Long Engagement

This film should have been called the “Very Very Long Movie” since it seems to last forever. I kept thinking, “If my wife offers me a sip of pop before the usher walks in then the film will be over” (You will only get this if you have seen the film). This film is a chick flick. A woman [...]

Amelie – Filtered

July 16, 2002

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

: Amélie is a very strange movie about a young woman who finds a hidden toy box in her bathroom and is determined to return the forty year old treasure to its owner. She succeeds and because the man is so touched, she begins to search for ways to bring happiness to others. She befriends an [...]