actor: Cameron Bancroft

The Town that Came A-Courtin

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is a wonderful story for those that enjoy romantic tales and happy endings. Lauren Holly is a successful Southern writer named Abigail (Abby) Houston and she's been promoting her newest book. The tour takes her to Bliss, Mississippi and there the hospitable people keep encouraging her to date [...]

Country Remedy

May 1, 2007

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

When someone close to you dies, each of us deals with it in different ways. We sometimes forget that there are others around us that need our help too. This dramatic story tells how a small mountain town helps a doctor and his son overcome their grief and be a family once again. With wonderful [...]

Most Vertical Primate

October 5, 2001

Dove Approved for All Ages

Most Vertical Primate stars Jack, a chimpanzee that, along with his brother, Louis, lives at a nature preserve run by the caring and loyal Julie. In an amazing turn of events, Jack is drafted by a hockey team, the Seattle Simians, and says good-bye to Louis and is off to join the team. Jack sits [...]