actor: Christian Slater

Bullet to the Head

This movie is based on a graphic novel. Maybe that's why the violence is "graphic". Several characters are shot in...well, the head, just as the title implies. There is a lot of violence in this movie as one would suspect. There are shootings, fights, shootings, explosions, shootings, corpses seen [...]

Dawn Rider

May 29, 2012
This western features a decent story. John Mason (Christian Slater) is misunderstood during an event in a saloon, and he is pursued by a lawman named Cochrane (Donald Sutherland). Mason heads home to see his father, a man he doesn't get along with very well. Still, he is reaching out to his father [...]

The Ten Commandments (Animated)

February 5, 2008

Dove Approved for All Ages

The animation in this film is impressive. It looks great. The colors are bright and vivid. The filmmakers also brought in some impressive talent for the voice-over work including Christian Slater as Moses and Alfred Molina as Pharaoh. It is narrated by Sir Ben Kingsley. The movie parallels the [...]

Fern Gully – The Last Rainforest

October 18, 2005
This G-rated film has nice animation and the character voices are well done by actors like Robin Williams and Tim Curry. However, there are some serious concerns we have regarding this film. First of all, the images of the snakes and skeletons and other monsters may well prove to be too frightening [...]

Mindhunters – Filtered

September 20, 2005
"Mind Hunters" was a very intriguing film of 8 FBI agents sent to an island to continue training when they learn that one of them is a serial killer. In order to save their lives they need to find out which one of them is the killer. The film was suspenseful and left the viewer guessing throughout [...]


"Mindhunters" is the wrong title for this film. It should more rightly be called "Mindwasters" as this is what those unfortunates who actually spent 106 minutes in a theater watching this movie were doing. This is a classic textbook exercise in how to make a B-movie without really trying. Take a [...]

Alone in the Dark

I’d hate to put down a movie like this, but "Alone in the Dark" is just plain terrible. The film is not developed very well, and when combined with some bad acting (see Tara Reid) and boring creatures (which look like mutated raptors from Jurassic Park), you get a waste of perfectly good film [...]

Bed Of Roses – Edited

November 19, 2003
Lisa has lived a terrible childhood with no family. The generous florist has a wonderful family. He wants the girl of his dreams and she gets hung up on her past and the family deal. Can love conquer all? Can Lisa get over her past and all her fears? The story is told well and holds your [...]

Windtalkers – Edited

September 11, 2003
Like Saving Private Ryan, this film is inspired by a true story. Also like Saving Private Ryan, this film is graphically violent. I guess that is the nature of war. This film encompasses so much about the war in the Pacific, how soldiers handle different aspects of war, the bigotry of the times, [...]


With the aid of a superbly written script, assertive directing, and dynamic performances, DreamWorks’ “The Contender” promotes left-wing policies and mocks religious beliefs. It’s as if Frank Capra’s “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” was remade from the acerbic judgment of Oliver [...]