actor: Christina Ricci

The Hero of Color City

December 2, 2014

Dove Approved for All Ages

Life is a box of crayons, literally, in this city. After Ben goes to sleep, his crayons come alive and return through the rainbow door to Color City. They have been followed, or at least Yellow has been followed, by an unfinished drawing of King and his sidekick. The twosome just want color, but [...]

War Flowers

July 30, 2013

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This is a realistic movie with hope permeating it from start to finish! It is old fashioned in a good way, with realistic characters and problems which audiences of today can relate to. Christina Ricci plays Sarabeth Ellis who raises her daughter Melody (Gabrielle Popa) alone while her husband John [...]

Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star

Effective January 1st, 2009, The Dove Foundation Review Team has ceased reviewing all NC-17 rated movies and certain extraordinarily explicit R-rated films. This decision was reached due to the fact that Dove reviewers are parents or grandparents with conservative values. As such, we feel that we [...]

Alpha and Omega

January 11, 2011

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is a charming tale about overcoming diversity. It is also a story about overcoming adversity. Kate (Hayden Panettiere) is an Alpha wolf and expected to be leader of her pack of wolves. She is even assigned an Alpha mate, Garth (Chris Carmack). Poor Humphrey (Justin Long) is an Omega wolf and [...]


July 15, 2008

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"Penelope" is one of those movies which is not a great film, due mainly to some bad dialog and dragging scenes; but it does have a few good moments. Enough of them to no doubt please most viewers in a typical audience. It is not your average run-of-the-mill Prince Charming film, but Max (James [...]

Speed Racer

"Speed Racer" promotes two vitally important values, that our families should be extremely important to us, and secondly that cheaters never prosper. It is unfortunate that the messages are sent via several violent scenes with the use of strong language, including a biblical profanity. The movie [...]

Black Snake Moan

June 26, 2007
Although it doesn’t seem like much good could come out of a movie about a young woman who is a sex addict, “Black Snake Moan” actually has a very positive message. Unfortunately, the way in which the message is delivered is far from family friendly. A man named Lazarus ends up being the [...]

The Addams Family

August 8, 2006
This movie is based on Charles Addams' characters and the early sixties TV series. The violence in the film is supposed to be fantasy based and much of it is obviously a joke, reflecting the macabre sense of humor of the family. It should be noted that there are several incidents of this kind of [...]

Prozac Nation – Filtered

July 5, 2005
"Prozac Nation" is about a girl and her life- long struggle with depression and how she attempts to deal with it without meds. When her Psychotherapist prescribes Prozac, she wonders if that is the only answer. There was a lot of drinking and partying going on in this movie, with no consequences [...]


June 21, 2005
There are so many different ways I could incorporate the title of this movie in describing how awful it was, but that would be too easy. First of all, I had this film figured out before the halfway point, so I got to sit there and watch bad acting with horrible scare tactics. Second, with all the [...]