actor: Demi Moore

Mr. Brooks

October 23, 2007
Kevin Costner delivers a subtle performance in his role as Earl Brooks, a successful businessman and philanthropist who has what he thinks of as an "addiction." His addiction is occasionally killing people when the urge overwhelms him. William Hurt is excellent as the evil "voice," who physically [...]

Few Good Men, A – Edited

June 22, 2005

Dove Approved for All Ages

This was a really interesting and powerful movie. The first scene shows two of the best Marines in the unit sneaking into their fellow Marine's room and taping him up, getting ready to beat him, and performing a "Code Red"—a disciplinary action carried out by fellow soldiers. But Code Reds are [...]


April 24, 2001
This film is a combination romantic comedy-drama-fantasy-thriller film that was the talk of the town in 1990. It includes great effects that make Patrick Swayze look like an actual ghost and Whoopi gives the award-winning performance which brings the audience laughter and tears. It had been a [...]

St. Elmos Fire – Filtered

July 3, 2000
Seven friends who recently graduated from college struggle to find where they belong in the "real world". Although their friendship has challenges, and they have their ups and downs, they remain friends and figure out a way to work through their differences and remain friends. Although the film [...]

Passion of Mind

This psychological thriller has a fascinating premise, but ultimately the film does not live up to its creative concept. “The Sixth Sense” inspired ending doesn’t make up for the tedious, amoral claptrap we have to sit through for 90-some minutes. As for the talented Ms. Moore’s [...]

Disclosure – Filtered

April 29, 1997
Meredith, a beautiful but dangerous woman, is brought into Digicom Corporation and given a position that Tom Sanders thought was going to be his. The two were former lovers and now Meredith is the boss. She tries to seduce Tom and start up their relationship again, but when Tom (who is happily [...]

Hunchback Of Notre Dame

July 29, 1996

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Loosely based on the Victor Hugo classic about the deformed bell ringer who rescues a beautiful gypsy accused of witchcraft. A remarkable piece of work. The animation, both computer and hand drawn, is so three dimensional, I swear many crowd scenes came to life. The musical score by Alan Menken [...]