actor: Derek Luke


"Self/Less" is an appropriate title, as it deals with a man named Damian Hale (Ben Kingsley) who takes over a younger man's body (Ryan Reynolds) as he is dying of cancer. The body is supposed to be genetically engineered. However, he learns it belonged to someone else in the past, and he eventually [...]

Tyler Perrys Madea Goes to Jail

Tyler Perry does a wonderful job in his portrayal of Medea and once again the lovable woman is in an hilarious adventure. She has definite anger issues that causes her to wind up in jail. Even in jail, you can count on Medea voicing her opinion and no one gets away with bullying her. This is a [...]


Effective January 1st, 2009, The Dove Foundation Review Team has ceased reviewing all NC-17 rated movies and certain extraordinarily explicit R-rated films. This decision was reached due to the fact that Dove reviewers are parents or grandparents with conservative values. As such, we feel that we [...]

Miracle at St. Anna

This story is one of contrasts. An American soldier attempts to rescue an Italian boy, which causes his separation, and others in his group, from their unit. Yet racism is demonstrated by other characters in the story, with the word "nig*e*" being used, In addition, blacks are portrayed in [...]

Catch a Fire

The question you must ask yourself is were members of the African National Congress (ANC) Freedom Fighters, or Terrorists? This movie takes you on the journey of one man and his experience with this very issue. At first he is wrongly accused of being a terrorist and is tortured in the pursuit of [...]

Friday Night Lights

Here is a film that could have been very family-friendly but it seems to have purposefully avoided it by injecting unnecessary vulgar language and sexual escapedes of high school age kids. The end message of the film was good. The writing was good. The acting was good. The photography direction [...]

Biker Boyz

The unfortunate reality of "Biker Boyz" is poor acting, thin characters and a yawn-worthy plot. The film includes rough language and presents a neutral attitude toward promiscuous and premarital sex. "Biker Boyz" strikes out in both entertainment value and [...]

Antwone Fisher

"Antwone Fisher" is an inspiring and touching story of a young man overcoming a bad childhood and maturing as an adult, but the foul language and violent scenes involving children prevent us from awarding it the Dove [...]