actor: Erika Christensen

The Case for Christ (2017)

August 15, 2017

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

The "Case for Christ" was worth the wait. Set in 1980s Chicago, the adaptation of Lee and Leslie Strobel's story of life-changing faith gives us a multi-dimensional and compelling narrative along with a high quality entertainment experience. The film, a well-crafted exploration of the famous [...]

The Upside of Anger – Filtered

July 26, 2005
Terry Wolfmeyer turns to alcohol when her husband leaves her and their four daughters. As she processes what has happened, the anger inside her continually builds and she ends up, little by little, pushing her daughters away. Enter Denny Davies, an ex-pro baseball player and neighbor. He starts out [...]

The Upside of Anger

I was completely shocked when I saw this movie. Is that really Kevin Costner playing an ex-baseball player? I think Mr. Costner needs to get this baseball thing out of his system. Perhaps he should buy a PS2 with a baseball game and just play it until he gets sick of it. Anyway, from the previews [...]

The Perfect Score

In this story, characters grow to understand themselves better as they consider the consequences of cheating on the SAT and learn that people often must adjust their plans to obtain their dreams. The students indulge in illegal behavior, yet they suffer no ill consequences; one student is arrested [...]

The Banger Sisters

January 28, 2003
Lavinia and Suzette earned the nickname, “banger sisters” by following and sleeping with rock musicians. Lavinia is portrayed as phony because she cast aside her promiscuous past to become a respectable wife and mother, while Suzette is pictured as more genuine for dressing like a hippie and [...]