actor: Evan Rachel Wood

Strange Magic

May 19, 2015

Dove Approved for All Ages

“Strange Magic” is enchanting and charming! All kids, especially little girls, will love it, yet it offers something for the whole family. It features good and evil and love triumphant. Marianne is a fairy who lives in the Fairy Kingdom with her sister Dawn and her father, the king. Marianne [...]

Across the Universe

The actors can act! Jim Sturgess as Jude and Evan Rachel Wood as Lucy are very good in their respective roles. And Jim Sturgess can really sing those Beatles songs. He has the kind of voice which could land himself a hit record one day. There are a lot of colorful and vibrant scenes in the movie, [...]

The Missing – Edited

April 12, 2004
Not for the fainthearted, "The Missing" earns its R rating for excessive, gory violence. A group of Indians and white men has banded together to slaughter men and sell their women across the Mexican border. Dot, accompanying her mother and grandfather, witnesses many of the atrocities and killings. [...]

Little Secrets

July 22, 2002

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Emily is able to keep the children's secrets that they are unwilling to share with anyone else, thus earning their trust and confidence. She treats them kindly and establishes a good relationship with them by being their "secret keeper." "Little Secrets" is a poignant examination of growing up, [...]