actor: Jackie Burroughs

Care Bears: The Movie

August 6, 2002
When I popped “The Care Bear Movie” in, I was ready for an innocent, cute cartoon. I was therefore extremely surprised to see the repeated use of magic, spells and even some incantations! There was an evil spirit (that is how the Care Bears referred to it) and this how one of the main [...]

Further Tales of the City

While it tackles many sides of the romantic life of our society, this film still feels contrived and out-dated since it blatantly fictionalizes events revolving around 1981. While well written, Maupin relies too much on romantic activity than the forces that drive the romanticism of the [...]

Taking Care Of Terrific

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

This one hour movie shows how one young teenage girl gets her friends to try and do something nice for the homeless women in the park. It displays some bad behavior in Enid's role as a babysitter and making wrong choices but there are consequences from the actions. This is a short and engaging [...]