actor: James Gandolfini

Enough Said

This movie features likable characters in Eva (Julia Louis Dreyfus) and a man she meets at a party, Albert (James Gandolfini). They soon become a couple. Complications arise when Eva takes on giving massages to a new client named Marianne (Catherine Keener) only to discover that Marianne is [...]

Nicky Deuce

May 27, 2013

Dove Approved for All Ages

"Nicky Deuce" is a cute movie! Nicholas Borelli ll is a typical kid who fantasizes about being an old-time detective and hero, sort of a James Bond character. When his parents are called out of the country, he stays with his grandmother and Uncle Frankie in Brooklyn. He gets to know his father's [...]

The Mighty

January 10, 2012
This is a story about two "different" kids, Max (Elden Henson) and Kevin (Kieran Culkin), also known as "Freak", a crippled child, who form an unlikely friendship. Kevin helps Max read and with his studies, and big Max carries Kevin on his shoulders, enabling him to play basketball in gym and enjoy [...]

Surviving Christmas

At first it is very hard to like Drew Latham (Ben Affleck). He is a wealthy, spoiled businessman who expects to get his way as long as he is willing to pay for it. However, as his character develops, you begin to realize that the financial hardship of his youth and the early loss of his parents [...]


This ultra-violent and obscene screwball “romantic” comedy reveals good chemistry between its two leads and a superb performance by “The Soprano’s” James Gandolfini, but each crises (and there are several) is highlighted by crudity, profanity and comic bloodshed. There are a lot of [...]