actor: Joan Allen

Hachi: A Dogs Tale

March 9, 2010

Dove Approved for All Ages

Who doesn't fall in love with a cute and cuddly puppy? Especially one that is all alone at a train station. Our story starts out with a young boy giving a speech to his class about his hero. His choice for his topic is his grandfather's dog, Hachi. Parker Wilson is a professor and takes the train [...]

Death Race

This film is just what we need. A film which glorifies killing and violence. We certainly don't have enough of those around. If you don't care for someone, you can always attempt to blow up or demolish his vehicle. Talk about road rage! Jason Statham's performance is fine and he plays intense very [...]

Off The Map – Filtered

August 9, 2005

Dove Approved for All Ages

Eleven year old Bo is being raised and home-schooled in the middle of the desert by her mom Arlene and dad Charley. Her father is depressed and making it hard to get along. On top of that William Gibbs from the IRS shows up, asking why they haven’t filed tax returns for the past seven years. He [...]

The Upside of Anger – Filtered

July 26, 2005
Terry Wolfmeyer turns to alcohol when her husband leaves her and their four daughters. As she processes what has happened, the anger inside her continually builds and she ends up, little by little, pushing her daughters away. Enter Denny Davies, an ex-pro baseball player and neighbor. He starts out [...]

The Upside of Anger

I was completely shocked when I saw this movie. Is that really Kevin Costner playing an ex-baseball player? I think Mr. Costner needs to get this baseball thing out of his system. Perhaps he should buy a PS2 with a baseball game and just play it until he gets sick of it. Anyway, from the previews [...]

The Bourne Supremacy – Edited

March 25, 2005

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

From the very first scene, The Bourne Supremacy is packed full of action. Because of who Jason Bourne is no one around him will ever be safe. But Jason doesn't even know who he is. Suspecting that he is part of some secret government operation, Jason has spent his whole life, or what he can [...]

The Notebook

Allie’s husband demonstrates a life-long commitment to his spouse “in sickness or in health.” He never leaves her side, and his unfailing devotion and love for her is an inspiring portrait of marriage. The film did unfortunately contain an intimate sex scene between a man and woman outside of [...]


With the aid of a superbly written script, assertive directing, and dynamic performances, DreamWorks’ “The Contender” promotes left-wing policies and mocks religious beliefs. It’s as if Frank Capra’s “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” was remade from the acerbic judgment of Oliver [...]

Searching For Bobby Fischer

July 11, 2000
“Searching for Bobby Fischer” is an excellent movie on many levels. The acting is superb. The story is original, and you don’t have to like chess or even know anything about chess in order to enjoy this film. An important message is presented to parents about living through their children, [...]

Its The Rage

Meant as dark satire, the film suggests that the availability of guns in a society outnumbered by very disturbed people is a bad thing. Agreed. Guns should only be owned by police, military, gun experts, enthusiasts, collectors, hunters, and by people who want a weapon for home security. Guns [...]