actor: Jordi Molla

Knight and Day

One positive I will give this movie is that it is entertaining. Just about every action sequence imaginable flashes on screen at one point or another during the movie. Without plot spoiling as much as possible, the viewer will watch a plane lose its pilot, a character shooting at the bad guys from [...]

Anthony: Warrior of God

April 13, 2008

Dove Approved for 18+

He was St. Anthony, called "Antonio" in this movie which features English subtitles. Jordi Molla gives a stupendous performance as the saint who was not afraid to speak his mind to the corrupt leaders of his day. He lived such an extraordinary life, which reflected Christ, that he was named a saint [...]

Bad Boys II

With the heavy load of violence, a massive quantity of bad language and an abundance of other negatives, "Bad Boys II" cannot be awarded the Dove Seal for family-friendly [...]