actor: Josh Zuckerman

Sex Drive

Casual Sex. This is basically what the film is about. And a lot of examples are shown on screen, either with scenes which come to the edge of being graphic, or with strong innuendo. There is nudity in the film too. This one is obviously made to stir up the hormones of teenagers and young adults. It [...]

Surviving Christmas

At first it is very hard to like Drew Latham (Ben Affleck). He is a wealthy, spoiled businessman who expects to get his way as long as he is willing to pay for it. However, as his character develops, you begin to realize that the financial hardship of his youth and the early loss of his parents [...]

I Was a Teenage Faust

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Brendan soon learns that being "cool" isn't what he really wants, that it doesn't help him to accomplish his goals. He loses his best friend, and soon learns that the girl he is attracted to would rather have a "geek" for a friend than a "cool" boy. He is happy and relieved to be restored to the [...]