actor: Joshua Jackson


Married life proves to be less than blissful for the young newlywed couple in “Shutter.” Ghostly images keep appearing in their photographs, and it soon becomes obvious that the ghost is not exactly friendly. As usual with these types of movies the acting, dialog, and character development all [...]

Lone Star State Of Mind – Filtered

April 1, 2003
Baby and Earl want to leave their little Texas town and get on with their lives in California. Baby's cousin gets into trouble and Earl has to bail him out, using all the money he and Baby saved for the move. Many violent situations arrise while Earl comes out with barely a scratch. With poor [...]


Part “Murder She Wrote,” part “Columbo,” with a little “Cruel Intentions” thrown into the mix, it is an interesting suspense thriller. However, the sexual situations and language keep me from recommending it for family viewing. Also, the portrayal of these amoral university students [...]


Clichéd and not very suspenseful, it is merely loud and violent. Whether these powerful hidden societies are destructive or not, we will not learn from this film. It is merely an action thriller, Hollywood style, lacking any serious investigation into this elitist world. The lead, however, does [...]