actor: Justin Joseph Wheeler

Free Range

Dove Approved for All Ages

No matter what the characters are, the Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote formula works: Bad guy tries to capture elusive, smarter good guy. Bad guy continually fails in Haman-like fashion -- which is to say that every trap he devises for the good guy, he himself ends up falling into. (Haman can be found in [...]

Hard Boiled

Dove Approved for All Ages

Hard Boiled is an animated film with a plot line that offers a Mulan and Pokemon blend. This story features three kung fu apprentices who must take on the Black Raven Clan, a rowdy kung fu pack that has stolen the temple's green egg that holds all of the martial arts power. Tik-tik the monkey, [...]

Feathered Fighters

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Similar to Looney Tunes’ The Road Runner, Feathered Fighters has two characters who repeatedly attempt to catch and subsequently eat three chickens throughout the movie. Slim and Glutton are weasels who want nothing more than a chicken meal so they continually try to capture Uncle Waddles, Free [...]