actor: Kerry Washington


When a man surprises his girlfriend who has left for a family gathering, they all get more than he had bargained for. Disfunctionality is the essence of this modern family. The son steals continually, the sister is a lesbian and the mother drinks a solution mixed with "magic mushrooms". Not the [...]

A Thousand Words

Talk about a movie having two sides to it. On the one hand Eddie Murphy's character, Jack McCall, learns a lesson in this film, actually two, and they are that family must be a priority and letting go of anger and forgiveness is essential in order for one to have peace. And we hear a weighty [...]

For Colored Girls

This film targets African American women and indeed the audience I screened the film with was made up of primarily women. It is a story that they will best relate to. There are several subplots which make up the whole of the film. In one story Whoopi Goldberg plays a religious fanatic who yells, [...]

Lakeview Terrace

Have you ever had a neighbor that you wished would just move away? That is the premise of Samuel L. Jackson's latest suspense drama. At first you think this guy is a little weird but you soon learn that there is no limit to what he might do if cornered. This could have been a creepy lesson in just [...]

I Think I Love My Wife

In the world today, there are probably some married couples that are bored with their lives and think life might be better if they were single. This story is about one couple that is in a rut. Chris Rock is very believable as the husband just looking for more excitement. The basic story is good but [...]

The Last King of Scotland

First, the positive: this film is based on a true story about Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and it shows his snake-like qualities very vividly as he switches easily from being charming to a ruthless killer. The film gives the viewer an idea of what the Ugandan people underwent under his regime. Forest [...]


Jamie Foxx does an amazing job playing Ray Charles Robinson in this movie about one of the most beloved entertainers in American history. He has captured the essence of Charles in this dramatic and emotional portrayal. This biography takes place in the early part of Ray's life when he began his [...]