actor: Kimberly Elise

Almost Christmas

Walter lost his wife, the love of his life, about ten months ago. Now he has asked all the kids to come home for Christmas. But will they all get along? They all have their opinions of the others and Walter just wants them to get along for this holiday that their mother loved so much. One son is [...]

Apple Mortgage Cake

Dove Approved for All Ages

"Apple Mortgage Cake" is based on a true story about Angela Logan and her struggles in life. It is not easy raising three teen age boys, managing a household and volunteering to help others. Angela is a kind person and always believes in aiding others in their problems to help them start a new [...]

For Colored Girls

This film targets African American women and indeed the audience I screened the film with was made up of primarily women. It is a story that they will best relate to. There are several subplots which make up the whole of the film. In one story Whoopi Goldberg plays a religious fanatic who yells, [...]

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

September 8, 2009

Dove Approved for 18+

Here's the good news: this movie brings you to the edge of your seat at times and you will want to see what happens next. The bad news is that it contains strong language outside of Dove's recommendation. Based on the true story of a world renown Pediatric Neurosurgeon, this story tells how one [...]


June 26, 2007

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Recently, there has been a strong trend appearing in your local cineplex--films that actually inspire audience members to look at their surroundings and take a small step toward improving their condition. These stories are typically about average people who motivate others by a simple desire to [...]

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

The first part of the movie showed how Helen’s husband treated her. I was astounded how badly someone could be treated, yet I wanted nothing more than to love him. It even made me angry just seeing it. This film was better than I expected, assisted by the humorous antics of Helen’s aunt, Madea, [...]


We seldom see Gregory Hines in movies. That’s a loss to us all, as he is gifted both as a tap dancer and a spirited actor. Here he gives a forthright examination of a generous, talented, courageous and complex performer. While the made-for-TV film shows Bojangles overcoming bigotry, and doing [...]