actor: Lisa Vischer

VeggieTales: Lord of the Beans

November 15, 2005

Dove Approved for All Ages

This fun movie begins with a celebration of Billboy Baggypants' birthday, complete with fireworks. He has a unique bean. Only four beans have a unique power. However, a fifth bean could give a person everything. That bean is the one Billboy Baggypants has. From good clothes to an espresso machine, [...]

Veggie Tales: The Star of Christmas

October 29, 2002

Dove Approved for All Ages

Big Idea Productions does it again with another thrilling tale of the best-selling "Veggie Tales" children's video series. This story of the true meaning of Christmas will captivate young viewers and fans of "Veggie Tales." It is full of music, fun, and of course the whimsical cast of characters [...]

Veggie Tales Sing-Alongs: Juniors Bedtime Songs

May 31, 2002

Dove Approved for All Ages

This is a must for families where kids have a hard time going to sleep or winding down at the end of the day. These songs sung by Junior Asparagus and his friends will help kids settle down and go to sleep, while they sing along. This collection of songs will be a child's favorite bed-time [...]

Veggie Tales: LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed

March 28, 2000

Dove Approved for All Ages

A gossiping Weed spreads rumors -- anything she can overhear, to everyone she meets. She has the ability to spread vicious rumors like wildfire. Her smug, sleek attitude is overwhelming, and she gets bigger by the minute, as she snatches up more rumors. Meanwhile, the VeggieTales crew tries to [...]

Veggie Tales: Josh and the Big Wall!

June 8, 1999

Dove Approved for All Ages

Join Bob the Tomato and Junior Asparagus, as they use their imagination to tell the story of the Israelites and Joshua from the Bible. The Israelites proceed to walk around the wall of Jericho to knock it down. They fight to listen to God’s direction instead of their own, and kids witness their [...]

Veggie Tales: Rack, Shack and Benny

August 25, 1998

Dove Approved for All Ages

This movie is a spin on the Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego story from Daniel 3, but the characters are named Rack, Shack and Benny. Mr. Nezzer hires them at his chocolate factory. They work under strict rules – no breaks, no sick time, and no vacation time. They are very tired! The three main [...]