actor: Mandy Moore

The Darkest Minds

Kids considered different are being separated from their parents and put in camps. No, this isn't the U.S.-Mexico border in 2018. Rather, this is The Darkest Minds─a movie which is a little bit X-Men, a little bit Hunger Games, a little bit Divergent and a little too long to be a lot too short on [...]

47 Meters Down

"47 Meters Down" makes the point, in a big way, that Murphy's law is still around—what can go wrong usually does. In this case, when Kate and her younger sister Lisa decide to go down in a cage under the water to see sharks up close, the winch breaks, and they end up 47 meters down below; hence, [...]


March 29, 2011

Dove Approved for All Ages

“Tangled” takes place in a magical world were a girl’s hair has healing powers. In spite of being seventy feet long, our heroine’s “goldy locks” aren’t too heavy for this waif-like lass to carry around on top of her head. The characters in this children’s fairy tale exhibit some [...]

License to Wed

When a couple decides to marry, sometimes they don't really understand the ups and downs in that relationship. "License to Wed" takes the audience into the outlandish premarital class that Ben and Sadie endure. The class, created by Reverend Frank, challenges the couple to see if they are right for [...]

Because I Said So

Diane Keaton has some genuinely funny moments in this film. She plays her role to perfection as the over-protective and interfering mom with a big heart. The film is pretty well directed and the story of the mother trying to find a prospective husband for her daughter, so she doesn't end up like [...]

American Dreamz – Filtered

October 17, 2006
"American Dreamz" is a movie that closely resembles the popular television show American Idol. The idea behind the story is good, but there is quite a bit of extra junk that ends up taking away from what could have been an OK family film. One storyline in the movie is an Arab man who is sent on a [...]

American Dreamz

Films and television have long satirized presidents and politics. "Saturday Night Live" has done it regularly for years. And that is exactly what "American Dreamz" is all about. Dennis Quaid plays the president, and his similarities to President Bush are too close to home to be denied. The film [...]


June 21, 2005
There are so many different ways I could incorporate the title of this movie in describing how awful it was, but that would be too easy. First of all, I had this film figured out before the halfway point, so I got to sit there and watch bad acting with horrible scare tactics. Second, with all the [...]

Racing Stripes

May 10, 2005

Dove Approved for All Ages

In this adventure reminiscent of "Babe: The Gallant Pig," the story revolves as much around the animals as it does the human cast. Stripes tells the age old tale of a girl and her horse (well, zebra) and the bond that brings them both into an understanding of who they were meant to be. Aside from a [...]

How To Deal

December 9, 2003
The film may provide an opportunity for good discussion on important issues between kids and parents, but its foul language and drug use prevent Dove from awarding the Dove Seal for family-friendly [...]