actor: Mary McDonnell.

Crazy Like A Fox

November 5, 2006
The film takes you in the direction of the old south where traditions play a big role in a family’s life. As generations of the Banks family lived on the farm I can see where it would make a person crazy to have to give it all up. “Crazy Like A Fox” is slow moving at times but relays an [...]

The Locket

March 18, 2003

Dove Approved for All Ages

"The Locket" is filled with hurt, love, anger, forgiveness, kindness, and regret. I was captured by the screenplay and the acting. This is a wonderful film about many of life's lessons as taught to Michael Keddington by a lonely old lady, Esther Huish. She shows Michael to follow his heart, not to [...]

The Grand Canyon – Filtered

March 13, 2001

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

When Mack, who is white and well-to-do, breaks down in the “bad” part of town Simon, a black tow-truck driver comes to his aide just as a gang of boys start to give Mack a hard time. This event marks the beginning of an unlikely friendship. Several other storylines are followed at the same time [...]

For All Time

Dove Approved for All Ages

Based on an episode of “The Twilight Zone” written by Rod Serling entitled “A Stop at Willoughby,” this is an exceptionally well-written allegory about finding what’s really important in life and hanging on to it. "For All Time" serves to remind us of the creativity that was evidenced [...]

Fathers Choice

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Inspired by true incidents, this is a well-acted account of a father, absorbed by his own career, realizing what is truly important in his life: his daughters. Not sugarcoated, the story attempts to present human, sometimes unlikable qualities in its protagonists. It is a frustrating time for [...]