actor: Meagan Good

Think Like a Man

While funny at times, this film was an example of just how low our standards have become when selecting a companion. Men can be shallow and so can women but we are shown just how devious each sex can be when they attempt to get what they want. The premise of this movie is that four women all read [...]

The Unborn

This movie features frightening scenes and images, such as sewage and large insects rushing unexpectedly toward a character. It includes a character falling far and dying, a character being bashed in the head with a glass, a scene of a half a head with its gross features plainly seen, and demonic [...]

Stomp The Yard

This film has a lot of energy and some good moments. A character named DJ gets a fresh start at Truth University in Altanta following the death of his younger brother, who is shot and killed in Los Angeles. DJ connects with a girl at the college and learns about "stepping," a traditional dance of [...]

Roll Bounce

This movie had some very humorous parts, especially when the kids are constantly teasing each other about anything and everything. It seemed like there was merely a fun film, with no serous plot intended. However, there are some good family lessons learned, coupled with a few emotional scenes. [...]