actor: Omar Epps

Almost Christmas

Walter lost his wife, the love of his life, about ten months ago. Now he has asked all the kids to come home for Christmas. But will they all get along? They all have their opinions of the others and Walter just wants them to get along for this holiday that their mother loved so much. One son is [...]


June 21, 2005
There are so many different ways I could incorporate the title of this movie in describing how awful it was, but that would be too easy. First of all, I had this film figured out before the halfway point, so I got to sit there and watch bad acting with horrible scare tactics. Second, with all the [...]


March 15, 2005
I don't really know where to start in reviewing this film. The entire premise is about a womanizing man who tries to have sex with any girl he can. He has no regard for them really, he just wants to satisfy his lust-filled needs. It is depressing to watch as Alfie goes from one woman to the next, [...]

Against the Ropes

What "Against the Ropes" lacks in technical achievement and writing, it makes up for in emotional appeal. The depiction of the underdog rising to success pulls a heart string or, in this case, two, with the partnership of unlikely contenders Kallen and Shaw. Each of them having high potential that [...]

Love and Basketball

"Love and Basketball" is a perceptive look at the struggle between men and woman wishing to find romance, yet so involved in their personal goals that they are unwilling to compromise for each other. The sexual activity and profane language make it impossible for me to recommend for family [...]