actor: Paul Le Mat

The Long Shot

February 7, 2006

Dove Approved for All Ages

A family-Annie, John and Taylor, move to California to start a new job at a farm. John ends up not getting the job and leaves his wife and daughter. Annie is left with nothing-no place to stay, job, or money. She winds up at a stable and meets Marylou, a well known horse trainer. She gives her a [...]

Melvin and Howard – Filtered

February 3, 2004
"Melvin and Howard" is a film about a man who picked up a hitch-hiker who told him he was Howard Hughes. Melvin didn't believe him and went on with his life as a milkman. Melvin went through many ups and downs in his first marriage which ended in divorce-he then remarried. During his second [...]

Big Bad Love

September 24, 2002
Many of Leon's rambling narratives include sexual images. One ongoing discussion concerns an exposing incident and comments about the person's sexual perversions, as well as the nature of his exposure. Much of Monroe and Leon's activities involve consuming beer and alcohol to excess, although Leon [...]