actor: Ralph Fiennes

The LEGO Batman Movie

June 13, 2017

Dove Approved for All Ages

For many generations now, Lego blocks have been a part of children's lives by building up their imagination and allowing them to recreate their fantasies through play. This is a new movie starring a Lego Batman along with many other superheroes and villains from the DC Entertainment collection of [...]

Kubo and the Two Strings

"Kubo and the Two Strings", on a positive note, deals with a boy's love for his mother and his longing for his deceased father. He defends his mother when her two sisters, both evil, attack her with swords. There is a reason they are so evil which is explained in the movie. The animation is well [...]

Hail, Caesar!

"Hail, Caesar!" is an original -- there is nothing else like it in theaters these days. It calls back to a lost time in Hollywood when studio heads fixed problems on movies, including keeping their stars out of the wrong kind of headlines. In this case, Josh Brolin is the man in charge of keeping [...]


"Spectre" is a fast-paced ride for much of the movie. You want action? Granted! You have action. The problem is that several scenes are contrived. They seem to be placed in the film not because they add to the story, but because they are fun to watch. There are some exceptions to the rule. A [...]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

If you enjoy or love this series, you no doubt will enjoy and love this one as well. It truly wraps up the "Harry Potter" series and the ending definitely rewards the viewer with a feeling of finality. The conclusion should leave Potter fans everywhere with the warm fuzzies and feeling good about [...]

Clash of the Titans (2010)

This film is a stunning cinematic experience for the eyes. It is rich in visuals and special effects which include gods, flying creatures and the underworld. It is a good example as to why some movies play better on a large screen than a small one. The problem is the story stalls at times. So much [...]

The Miracle Maker

March 6, 2007

Dove Approved for All Ages

Devised to have genuine family appeal, "The Miracle Maker" combines two very different animation disciplines and adds vividly effective special effects to make this mesmerizing storytelling for all family members. As Americans are becoming more sophisticated with their appreciation of animation, [...]

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit – Filtered

February 7, 2006

Dove Approved for All Ages

"The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. There are a few funny parts in the movie. For instance, when Wallace and Gromit go to work capturing all the rabbits destroying every one's gardens and they use a device they made that sucks them up and they float in a large [...]

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

February 7, 2006

Dove Approved for All Ages

While this movie had a slow beginning, it soon took off and became an interesting action adventure that all of the family will love. With no foul language and only a few mild sexual innuendos, this is one of the cleanest films I have seen in quite a while. There was one scene where the bad guy is [...]

The Constant Gardener – Filtered

January 10, 2006

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

What a great film "The Constant Gardener" is- a wonderful film of love and persistance. Tess, one of the main characters, puts her heart and soul into helping the Kenya people. She finds the meds that they are receiving are outdated. Tess puts her life on the line and eventually loses it for the [...]