actor: Tim Meadows

Chasing Ghosts

April 21, 2015

Dove Approved for All Ages

Everyone must face death in his or her lifetime, whether a friend, loved one or acquaintance, and it is hard for some to except the inevitability and finality of death. Lucas lost his older brother in an accident and he is trying to deal with that loss in his own way. He is filming funerals trying [...]

Shredderman Rules

August 28, 2007

Dove Approved for All Ages

This DVD is a fun movie to watch. Nolan, the main character, is sort of a "nerd" in his school. The school bully, Bubba, is always picking on Nolan and the other kids. In Nolan's Social Studies class, the kids are assigned to do a school project on a subject that they can be passionate about, [...]

The Cookout

The Cookout uses racial stereotypes and forced, crude humor for laughs, and it shows stiff white people awkwardly trying to “get down” to hip-hop music. There are a few funny moments, but mostly the humor falls flat. Not long after acquiring his wealth, Todd realizes that money is not the [...]

Ladies Man

So how do you keep an objective mind when you have to review a film built around a moderately funny but always skanky frequent “Saturday Night Live” sketch? Sometimes, you can’t. I entered the press screening thinking I was going to hate this movie, and sure enough, I did. I hated, hated, [...]