Ani-Mates are the cutest animals you will ever meet. . .



Ani-Mates are the cutest animals you will ever meet. They come as a teddy bear or a puppy. They are preloaded with one hour of short Bible stories and you can also download more stories to your iPhone or Android device.  Those also contain videos that you and your children can watch together as your Ani-mate tells the story. These apps are amazing as they allow your Ani-Mate to tell the story while it holds the mobile device.

Each animal is easy to use with push buttons on each of their paws that allow you to play the story, stop the action or even record a personal message to your youngster. They are entertaining while being educational and bring the wonderful stories of the Bible to life in a new and interactive way. In the vast world of electron devices, this is one that your younger children would love to have.

Ani-Mates are a great gift and an amazing travel companion.  They also contain an ear jack so that headphones can be used. These cuddly friends will make a great addition to the family. We are pleased to award these entertaining toys the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.

Donna Rolfe, The Dove Foundation