director: Cyrus Nowrasteh

The Young Messiah UAT

May 28, 2021
Take a breathtaking journey into a year in the life of "The Young Messiah". What was Jesus like as a kid? How do you explain what He went through to become who He is and was? Miracles are in this movie - A question-asking young boy who truly didn't know the power He would later use to save the [...]


Dove Approved for 18+

Christian blogger Doug Rawlins, and his wife, Liz, live and work in Washington D.C. After her graduation party, a family friend’s daughter is abducted, and no one seems to be too worried, including her own father. When Doug finds startling information in their friend’s basement, he leaves [...]

The Young Messiah

June 14, 2016

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"The Young Messiah" is a well-acted, biblically-based film, which makes use of creative and dramatic license and imagines what the life of young Jesus may have been like between the ages of seven and 12. Based on the novel, "Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt" by Anne Rice, who had a spiritual awakening [...]

The Stoning of Soraya M.

This is a difficult movie to watch, especially the ending. You basically watch a woman as she is stoned to death. The viewer vividly sees the stones striking her, the graphic bloodshed, and all the rest of it is there on the screen. Soraya (Mozhan Marnò) had been abused by her husband before this, [...]