director: Duncan Jones

Warcraft (2016)

Watching "Warcraft" is like watching a video game come to life. However, along with the action and the ability to showcase amazing creatures, the film has a downside, in which some scenes look too much like the CGI images they are. For example, a few of the various characters ride strange creatures [...]

Source Code

You might have two reactions if you were to take a bathroom break while seeing this movie. Some people would become lost because the source code is an intricate and detailed science fiction idea about time travel in the sense that people who have been briefly dead can be given a re-assignment to [...]


When his girlfriend goes missing in the grungy, neon-ridden world of a futuristic Berlin, bartender Leo (Alexander Skarsgard) takes up the mantle of amateur gumshoe to solve the crime. Due to an accident that took place at a young age, Leo is unable to speak. This, coupled with his Amish [...]