director: John Lee Hancock

The Founder

"The Founder" is an entertaining movie based on a true story and features an excellent performance by Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc. He is a down-on-his-luck salesman pitching a five-spindle milkshake machine and who deals with "Nah, but thanks anyways" far too often. He is ignored and feels the [...]

Saving Mr. Banks

Tom Hanks loses himself in the role of Walt Disney and Emma Thompson is equally superb as P.L. (Pam) Travers. The settings and clothes take you back to the sixties when Walt was determined to get the book rights from Travers to make "Mary Poppins". To say Travers is difficult to work with is like [...]

The Blind Side

March 23, 2010

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Every Sunday from August to the end of February people gather in front of their televisions to watch professional football. As they sit there, do they ever wonder about these athletes; where they came from, or what journey they may have taken to get to where they are today? This is an inspirational [...]

The Alamo

September 28, 2004

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Legendary war stories, like the battle of the Alamo, have a certain attraction. "The Alamo" paints a picture of men united by high ideals; and though they know that the odds are against them, they are willing to lay down their lives for the sake of the common cause of liberty. The viewer should [...]

The Rookie

August 27, 2002

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

"The Rookie" is an inspiring film, based on the true story of Jimmy Morris, a man who tucked away a dream of being a big league pitcher after his arm was injured. Jimmy caught the dream from the time he was a boy, despite having a father who was a career Navy man who did not share his son's [...]

The Highwaymen

“I had to come, although I don’t exactly know why,” Maney Gault (Woody Harrelson) tells Frank Hamer (Kevin Costner), as the two reflect on their pursuit of the notorious (and sometimes, celebrated) criminals, Bonnie Parker (Emily Brobst) and Clyde Barrow (Edward Bossert). In Netflix’s [...]