director: Mary Lambert

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary – Filtered

July 19, 2005
Thirty years ago a girl, Mary Bonner, was killedat her homcoming dance. No one knew what had happened to her. Now, these many years later, Mary's spirit is released when three girls say" Bloody Mary" three times. Soon weird things begin to happen. People from school are starting to die [...]

Pet Sematary – Filtered

September 19, 2000
The Creed family moves into a nice house in the country...the only oddity is the decades old “Pet Sematary” down a path behind their house. While the family is out on a picnic, the two year old son is hit and killed by a semi-truck. After the funeral, the dad decides to rebury his son in an [...]

In Crowd

There are only so many dramatic themes upon which a writer can draw. Perhaps the most exploited and repetitious genre is the erotic psychological thriller. How can a writer, director and cast freshen up the beauty-who’s-really-a-nutcase thriller? I’m not sure anyone associated with this [...]