director: Reginald Hudlin


A decade before Thurgood Marshall won Brown v. Board of Education, he was an NAACP lawyer popping up into towns around the nation and defending people of color wrongfully accused of crimes. When he came into town, he really did pop with a fearless swagger and a biting humor. At least, that is how [...]

Ladies Man

So how do you keep an objective mind when you have to review a film built around a moderately funny but always skanky frequent “Saturday Night Live” sketch? Sometimes, you can’t. I entered the press screening thinking I was going to hate this movie, and sure enough, I did. I hated, hated, [...]

House Party – Filtered

June 6, 2000
When Kid gets in a fight at school his father grounds him from his best friend's party. Naturally Kid sneaks out and joins the party. Kid's over-protective yet loving father finds out he went to the party and goes out after him. Parents should be warned that there is talk about "getting some" [...]