director: Richard Benjamin

The Money Pit – Filtered

February 4, 2003
Tom Hanks and Shelly Long play Walter and Anna Fielding, a married couple initially living in the apartment of Anna’s ex-husband Max. Of course this is a bad idea. When Max decides to reclaim his home, Walter and Anna, seeking a new place to live, are extremely motivated to make a rash decision, [...]

Laughter on the 23rd Floor

Finally, a tv-movie that is billed as a comedy that is actually funny! The cast was great, the writing was great, and even the morals were decent. It is rare that the industry puts out tele-movies with such a great mix of acting, writing, and fast cut direction that does not assult the viewer [...]

My Stepmother Is An Alien – Filtered

September 5, 2000
A pretty woman (Celeste) is also an alien. She was brought to earth to try and save her planet from dying. She meets the scientist ( Steven) who caused the planet to start dying. After knowing each other for only a day, Steven falls in love with her, not realizing she is an alien. After just a day [...]