director: Stephen Frears

Victoria and Abdul

From the beginning, something seems a bit off in the palace of Queen Victoria. It is not just in her dull, routine, even predictable life. A strange pace seems to befuddle even the flow of the movie as you watch it. The comedy of manners seems painted broad and unholistic; the biographical drama [...]

Florence Foster Jenkins

"Florence Foster Jenkins" features a very entertaining performance from Meryl Streep as the title character. This movie is based on a true story about a woman who had a passion for music and loved to sing, even though she didn't have a good voice. Florence died in 1944, but not before living a [...]

The Queen

We look at celebrities and politicians differently, so that when a tragedy happens our expectations of their reaction never takes in their personal feelings. This is an intriguing drama and part documentary of the Royal family in a very difficult time. It makes everyone stop and think about what [...]

Mrs. Henderson Presents – Filtered

April 18, 2006
"Mrs. Henderson Presents" could have been a good family film had they chose a different angle to branch off from. Nudity in the theater is not something that I would consider family friendly. The film encouraged men in the army to look at naked women, and at one point even brought an army man into [...]

Mrs. Henderson Presents

The very premise of “Mrs. Henderson Presents” makes the film an unlikely candidate for the family-friendly seal. It’s loosely based on the true story of a widow who invests her inheritance in restoring an old theatre into a spectacular stage for London’s first all-nude review. This movie is [...]

High Fidelity

Bitter, sarcastic, profane; those are the qualities of the lead. But then, they are also the makeup of most of the other characters. Cusack’s Rob Gordon is trying to figure out why he can’t have a lasting relationship. This is a great idea for a story, but so much of the content is either [...]