director: Steven Brill

Drillbit Taylor

Owen Wilson is a likable actor and a likable character in this film, although he is a bit of a shyster. He is a homeless man who showers at the beach and is barely surviving but he does keep track of his e-mail, and one e-mail changes his life. Three boys starting high school, played by Troy [...]

Without A Paddle

January 11, 2005
Jerry, Dan and Tom discover much about themselves and each other as their fun quickly dissipates into a desperate fight to survive. At the end of their journey, they agree that a meaningful life, not the missing money, is their real treasure. When the three stumble into the drug thugs’ camp, they [...]

Mr Deeds – Edited

January 5, 2004

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Adam Sandler (Deeds) is an all-around nice guy. He is honest and caring toward everyone, as well as warm and giving. He is well loved in his hometown, where he demonstrates kindness to people in various ways. When approached and informed that his uncle left him $40 billion, he is unphased. He does, [...]

Little Nicky

Adam Sandler has appeared in several touching comedies that champion the underdog - BIG DADDY, WATERBOY and WEDDING SINGER. LITTLE NICKY is a big budget attempt at this same tired "one-trick" theme. It could have been titled, WATERBOY IN HELL. This movie is much more than a comedy, it is a macabre [...]