director: Walter Hill

Bullet to the Head

This movie is based on a graphic novel. Maybe that's why the violence is "graphic". Several characters are shot in...well, the head, just as the title implies. There is a lot of violence in this movie as one would suspect. There are shootings, fights, shootings, explosions, shootings, corpses seen [...]

The Warriors – Filtered

January 16, 2001
"Warriors" is the name of a gang and the gang is on their way to a gang rally held by Cyrus, the leader of the biggest gang around. When someone from the crowd shoots and kills Cyrus, the Warriors are wrongly blamed for his death and are targeted. The Warriors have a challenge-to make it back home [...]

Geronimo: An American Legend – Filtered

November 17, 1998
"Geronimo" tells the true story of an Apache who stood up for himself, his people, and his culture against the U.S. government's xenophobic policy toward Native Americans. The film depicts the military's efforts to capture and imprison a band of Apache, led by Geronimo, who fled their reservation [...]