GUEST EDITORIAL: God vs. the Zombies…again!

Bob Beltz & Dick RolfeMy friend Bob Beltz is a writer, speaker, film producer, theologian, and virtual monk.  The last time we were together was at Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s home in Malibu attending a launch party for The Bible Miniseries. Bob posted the following words of wisdom on his blog under Faith & Culture  

Congratulations to the producers of The Bible series on the show’s nomination for a People’s Choice award for best TV movie/miniseries. This is the same category the show was nominated for in this year’s Emmy Awards. The big difference between the Emmys and the People’s Choice awards is that you get to vote and decide who wins this award. Just as The Bible competed against The Walking Dead on Sunday night cable in March, it is “God versus the zombies” once again in these awards.

Of course, the People’s Choice awards don’t really represent which show IS the people’s choice. It represents which show’s fan base takes the time to go to the People’s Choice website and actually vote! Since the demographic of the zombie fans is younger and more tech savvy, those of us who really did like The Bible series, and want the world (and more important the entertainment industry that decides what we get to watch on TV) to know it, have to take time to vote. I will help make that easy by giving you a link (click on the word “link”) to get to the voting site.

The origin of the phrase “vote early and vote often” is attributed to John Van Buren, the Attorney General of New York in the mid-nineteenth century. In a negative sense it was an invitation to stuff the ballot box to throw an election. In the case of the People’s Choice awards, you are actually encouraged to “vote often”. I hope you will take time today, and in the days up till the deadline for voting: October 31, to express your choice.

I’d also encourage you to pass this along to your friends that would like to see more programming like The Bible on TV.