producer: Al Corley


October 25, 2005
This movie is about a divorced woman and a single man and revolves around the things that they go though at Christmas time. Nina and her fiancé Mike are soon to be married but they must get though some tough events before they can tie the knot. Susan is also going though some hard times as her [...]

Cowboy Up – Edited

November 4, 2003

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

Hank and Ely are typical brothers: it's almost a love/hate relationship, with feelings running deep and holding many memories of being with their father, and learning about roping huge bronco cows and to handle guns. Hank is more like his mother: pragmatic and unemotional, while Ely seems to [...]

Drowning Mona

Meant as black comedy, “Drowning Mona” left me aghast. I found it nearly devoid of humor. And what laughs there were depended on crudity, spousal abuse, and gruesome sight gags, including dismemberment. At one point, townsfolk speculate how Mona’s son lost his hand. After several grisly [...]