producer: Andrew Eaton


This film has some exciting race scenes which are to a great extent what the movie is about. It also features the handsome Chris Hemsworth from the Dove-approved films "The Avengers" and "Thor". His character, James Hunt from Britain, is quite a comparison to Niki Lauda (Daniel Burhl) from [...]

A Mighty Heart

October 16, 2007
A very plausible and realistic view, I suppose, of the entire Daniel Pearl kidnapping and murder as seen from his wife Mariane's perspective, "A Mighty Heart" does a fine job in telling this sad story. Although as slow moving as the true search for Mr. Pearl was, the film does a good job in letting [...]

Code 46

December 28, 2004
This apparent low-budget sci-fi movie is devoid of a plot or any dialog of depth or significance. The first hour of the film is needed to learn the meanings of the made-up words. In this futuristic society, people must receive permission from the government before they can procreate. If their DNA [...]


While I love involving storytelling, “The Claim” tells a story that’s nearly as stark and depressing as its setting, lighting and photography. A rough-hewn community with its citizenry comprised mainly of gold seekers and prostitutes, the leads struggle with the climate and the emptiness of [...]


While the story deals with universal concerns - love, loss, mortality, parenting, and a yearning for contentment – it does so in a depressing and nonspiritual manner. These irreverent characters don’t appear to be a family that owns a Bible, let alone reads one. Filmed with harsh, natural [...]