producer: John Baldecchi

Point Break (2015)

Johnny lost his best friend while motorcrossing on the top of some high mountians and his friend fell over the cliff. He blamed himself for the accident for years and then decided to join the FBI. While in the FBI there is a diamond heist that everyone though would be impossible to accomplish. [...]

Conan the Barbarian

Wow, I am glad that I did not see this film in 3D. I have never seen this amount of blood squirting and spurting in any other movie I have ever reviewed. Conan has been brought to 21st century film-making in a graphic and grotesque way. The violence and sexuality are completely over the top in [...]


This film wants to be taken seriously as a superhero movie, given that it opens with the main character, Ultraviolet, being displayed colorfully on several comic book covers. Unfortunately, the movie is too out of control with the computer generated images and special effects, not to mention the [...]


This ultra-violent and obscene screwball “romantic” comedy reveals good chemistry between its two leads and a superb performance by “The Soprano’s” James Gandolfini, but each crises (and there are several) is highlighted by crudity, profanity and comic bloodshed. There are a lot of [...]