producer: Mike Karz

Mother’s Day

"Mother's Day" features several laugh-out-loud moments but also contains strong content, including language. Jennifer Aniston plays Sandy, a woman who gets a big surprise when she learns her ex-husband, the father of their two sons, has just remarried a woman quite a bit younger than him. The [...]

Valentines Day

This romantic comedy is on the light side, with nothing very serious or earth-changing happening. It is basically about some hook-ups and break-ups as it shares several vignettes. No one story or couple is focused on for long and the movie moves on to another couple. It is a fast paced movie for [...]

Max Keebles Big Move – Edited

December 9, 2004

Dove Approved for All Ages

This was a really fun movie. Max plans on making his first year of junior high "his year" but everything goes wrong from the very start. He gets messed up by the class bully, intimidated by the school's principal, and to top it all off his parents tell him that they are all moving to Chicago. Max [...]

Max Keebles Big Move – Filtered

June 18, 2002

Dove Approved for All Ages

Max Keeble was tired of being picked on and being a "nerd." He found out he was going to move so he decided to stick up for himself. The problem with this is that he and his classmates are very disrespectful to teachers, principals and other adults. The movie features a totally buffoon principal. [...]

Green Eggs & Ham

Dove Approved for All Ages

The Synopsis: Failed inventors Guy-I-Am (Michael Douglas) and Sam-I-Am (Adam DeVine) set out on an unlikely road trip, encountering adventures and meeting new friends along the way. The Review: Guy-I-Am and Sam-I-Am are polar opposites: the first is incredibly pessimistic and cynical, the second [...]