producer: Paula Weinstein

In the Heart of the Sea

"In the Heart of the Sea" is a compelling movie about a quest and survival. For Herman Melville, this journey is about traveling to the lone survivor's home of the ship Essex to find out the story of the fabled great white whale. Was it really that huge? What happened to the men? What details are [...]

Rumor Has It

"Rumor Has It" is a cute flick. It sure didn’t have an incredible amount of substance but the cameos by such film favorites as Kathy Bates in this extension of the classic film "The Graduate" made enduring some of the more predictable circumstances worthwhile. I would have to agree with the [...]

Everlasting Piece, An

Funny and often poignant, this story of two blue-collar blokes gives us a fully dimensional view of life and hopes in a country torn by religious and political strife. Unfortunately, the language is also blue collar. While religious dogma is a part of their lives, the commands of God’s Word seem [...]

Perfect Storm

This summer’s biggest “oh my God” movie, “The Perfect Storm” is the most intense film I can remember. The computer-generated action sequences are so realistic, you may experience a little seasickness. Desperate to make a successful catch, the “little boat that could” sets out [...]

If You Believe

Dove Approved for Ages 12+

A time filler, “If You Believe” has little outstanding to recommend. The lead is so unlikable; you begin not to care about her. Although the story is set during the holidays, the producers have been careful to leave any mention of Christ’s birth out of the script. Even the Christmas songs [...]

With Honors – Filtered

May 18, 1999

Dove Approved for All Ages

In "With Honors" there are great lessons learned by the characters about what is important in life and how one should treat those who seem less fortunate. Monty learned that when he took time out of his school work to help out Simon (a bum) he felt more fulfilled in life and that when one begins [...]