My Dog the Champion

DVD Release: February 4, 2014
My Dog the Champion


Dora Madison Burge of “Friday Night Lights” stars as Madison, a spoiled big city 16-year-old with a full teenage social life. But when her mom is deployed overseas for three months, Maddy is sent to live with her hard-nosed grandfather (Lance Henriksen of ALIENS) at his rural cattle ranch. In this strange place with no Wi-Fi, Maddy will meet cute 17-year-old dog trainer Eli (Cody Linley of “Hannah Montana” and CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN), grow to love and respect her stubborn grandpa, and bond with an old cattle dog who just may have the potential to be a blue ribbon champion. They bond through their mutual sense of displacement and the two outcasts form this special bond in this heartwarming story about the meaning of family, the courage of outcasts, and the promise of new beginnings.

Dove Review

In this day and age many families experience the effects of family members being deployed. This wonderful story is one about not only those feelings that must be dealt with but also is a story that every dog lover will enjoy. Maddy’s mom, Faith, has been deployed and the only person that Maddy can stay with is her grandpa, who is a cattle rancher.

City girls always have a hard time in the country. This is a place with no Wi-Fi, dish washer, TV or computer. It is a different place for Maddy with new experiences for this young lady. But there is one thing she did not expect, a relationship with Scout, one of her grandfather’s dogs. So when she decides to train Scout, she is told many times “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks” and if the dog does not earn its keep it will have to go. Scout and Maddie become a team that will help resolve many issues.

This is a wonderful entertaining story of family, helping others and friendship even with animals. The Dove Seal for all ages is awarded to “My Dog the Champion”.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A young couple kisses.
Language: OMG-4; discussion regarding a cow pooping on child.
Violence: A discussion regarding a dog's death.
Drugs: None
Nudity: A girl in short shorts and short dress; cleavage.
Other: Disrespectful attitude towards adults but then asking for forgiveness; helping others; deployment.


Company: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 87 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe