Nowhere Safe

Theatrical Release: October 5, 2014
DVD Release: November 4, 2014
Nowhere Safe


Premieres Sunday October 5th at 7 PM ET on UPtv – After two teen girls cruelly impersonate her online in a “reverse cyber bullying” plot, Ashley’s reputation is ruined. She and her mother Julie (a high school teacher) are ostracized, forcing them to flee an escalating threat to their lives. Starting over at a new school miles away, romantic interests and the poignant lessons from an eccentric history teacher draw them out of seclusion until they realize confronting a hurtful past is essential to ensure a brighter future.

Dove Review

What a terrific movie and it is inspired by true events. Danielle Chuchran is terrific as Ashley Evans, a teen girl that moves with her mom to a new high school after being cyber bullied at her previous school. A girl she beat out for a drama part in the High School play made false statements online, reportedly from Ashley, and this resulted in great grief, one that Ashley is trying to recover from. Her mother, Julie Johnson (wonderfully played by Natasha Henstridge), is the drama teacher at the school and hopes that Ashley’s sorrows are over. Ashley helps turn a bully around named Nick (James Gaisford) who sees something special in Ashley. However, when two girls who knew Ashley from her old school show up at a party Ashley attends with Nick, it looks like her life is going to return to the false accusations and to sadness.

This movie makes a great point, that lies, false accusations and bullying causes much heartache and sadness. The ending is powerful and offers hope for all those who go through such false accusations or misunderstandings. The film is well acted, features a solid story, and will reel the viewer in. We are awarding our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this movie for ages twelve plus. Don’t miss seeing “Nowhere Safe!”

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing by a few couples.
Language: H (as a place)-1; Butt-1; Sucks-1; Crap-3; Wuss-1; Slut-1; Hypocrite-1; a "ho" comment;
Violence: As a prank students put a sword through a manikin's head; a girl remembers being shoved at a locker; kid walks by another kid and allows his book bag to hit the kid in the head; a rock is thrown through a glass living room window; girl has blood on her nose from being slapped and she is kicked and hit in ribs; a girl is purposely tripped; bruises seen on girl's face from being hit; a fight between girls and a girl's nose is bloodied.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Swimwear on girls; shirtless young men.
Other: On girl's house door the words, "Liar, get out" have been written in red; "liar" is written on a girl's locker; a jeep comes close to hitting a girl in the parking lot; a kid is made fun of; a teacher mentions George Washington's comments about God and student wants to know why God is mentioned; the mention of a divorce.


Company: SunWorld Pictures
Director: Brian Brough
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 88 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter