On Angels Wings

DVD Release: September 2, 2014
On Angels Wings


When the star soccer player is injured, Coach Carter (Reginald VelJohnson, Family Matters) decides to play the water girl, McKenzie (Taylor Fay Ruffin, The Chaperone). Although not the best, the clumsy girl accepts the challenge and, following a rocky start, actually begins to improve…But what her teammates don’t know is that she’s not doing it alone.

Unable to keep a secret, she reveals to her little brother, Josh (Tyler Humphrey, The Ledge), that an angel appeared and granted her three wished. Filled with excitement, the duo — accompanied by their dog Zeus — embark on a whirlwind adventure.

But McKenzie’s luck soon seems to be running out and their high spirits are quickly crushed. Until they learn that miracles really do happen if you believe in yourself…and angels!

Dove Review

“On Angel’s Wings” is a cute and comical movie that deals with having faith in one’s self to create a miracle. McKenzie and her little brother Josh both pray for miracles and they each have an angel to help them. The interesting thing is they are also angels in their own right by the potential they have in helping themselves and in helping others.

Whether you believe in angels or not this is a charming movie that has many moral and valuable lessons in it. It is a tale of praying for the needs of others and for a miracle and having faith in yourself. There is also a point made about wisdom which is that when you do the best you can with what you have it may amaze you what the outcome is. And, when things don’t last, it may be that they are things that don’t really matter.

The movie is filled with wonderful issues and comedy that can be entertaining for the family. We are pleased to award “On Angel’s Wings” our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for All Ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Bullying; girl is knocked out on soccer field and water is poured on her.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Girls are rude and call others names; kids make fun of boy's reading abilities; children find money and spend it but mother makes them return it; angel gives girl three wishes; woman with tattoos.


Company: Green Apple Entertainment
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 84 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe