Sing Over Me

DVD Release: August 12, 2014
Sing Over Me


Since the early 1990s Christians all over the world have been singing the songs of modern-day psalmist, Dennis Jernigan. His music and ministry, sparked by his lifelong struggle with homosexuality, have led him on a remarkable journey of redemption and hope. Raised in a Christian home, Jernigan identified himself as gay at a young age and constantly feared the persecution of the church. Years of depression and despair followed as he tried to lead a double life, while secretly battling his desires. Through it all music remained the one thing he could find peace in, and it was through music that God changed him in ways he could never have imagined.

Dove Review

“Sing Over Me” is a powerful movie about the possibility of change! Christian songwriter Dennis Jernigan, who has penned many well known songs, including “All in all”, ministers to people through his compelling music and with his remarkable testimony that he formerly struggled with homosexuality but through a divine touch from God is now married with nine children!

This documentary covers Dennis’ life struggles, and how some in the church made him feel condemned while others reached out to him with Christ’s love. The title of this film comes from Zephaniah 3:17 that states that God will rejoice over his children with singing. Dennis performs several songs in this movie and the viewer meets his parents and his wife. In a touching scene another former homosexual communicates with Dennis to let him know Dennis inspired him in the past and he is now married with a son.

This movie obviously is not intended for young children but it makes a terrific statement about God’s power to change lives and we are pleased to award “Sing Over Me” the Faith Friendly 12 plus Seal. “Sing Over Me” is a great movie to show anyone who has or is struggling with something.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Dennis speaks of having had sexual relationships with other males but how God changed his heart; Dennis mentions a man had his pants down in a public restroom and wanted him to touch him; Dennis mentions getting first kiss from a girl; Dennis and his wife mention there was no difficulty at all on their wedding night regarding having sex.
Language: H (as a place)-1; Crappy-1; Dennis shares how three guys called him "fag" when he was a boy.
Violence: None
Drugs: Talk of what the drug scene used to be like.
Nudity: Photo of nude baby.
Other: Dennis shares that some in the church world condemned him instead of offering hope in God; tattoos on man's arm; story of a boy and young man dealing with shame.


Company: Free Verse Films
Director: Jacob Kindberg
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 87 min.
Starring: Dennis Jernigan
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter