Get Together Girls

DVD Release: May 10, 2014
Get Together Girls


Shot across 3 slums in Kenya, the documentary takes audiences inside the lives and everyday struggles of the members of GtoG (Get Together Girls), a community project helping former street girls to become fashion designers. Founded by a former accountant, Grace Orsolato who left her position at an established Italian firm to give hope, skills and opportunity to Kenyan street girls, GtoG reveals an uplifting and inspirational journey full of cultural differences, dreams and sacrifices that pave the way to a better future.

Dove Review

Grace Orsolato is a woman of great vision and an inspiration to anyone who watches this documentary. Coming from Italy as a volunteer with an Italian NGO, she was deeply moved by the squalor that so many people were living in. She learned that girls are second-class citizens even in the slums and garbage dumps of Kenya. Determined to make a difference, Grace started Get Together Girls (GtoG), a nonprofit group dedicated to helping bring girls out of the slums and into a profitable business of designing and making clothing.

This documentary follows the lives of some of the girls who have benefited from Grace’s vision. She taught them self-respect and hope, and how to reach their potential by working together as a team.

We are pleased to award this inspiring film the Dove Family Approved Seal for ages 12 and older.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Mention of rape and abuse
Language: "Hooker", "Smoke weed"
Violence: Talk of rape and girls having to act like boys to avoid being sexually abused
Drugs: Talk of smoking marijuana and drunkenness
Nudity: Low cut dresses showing some cleavage
Other: Great respect for building a community with dedication, hard work and perseverance


Company: Yekra
Director: Vanessa Crocini
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 75 min.
Reviewer: Dick Rolfe