Mission Air

DVD Release: October 21, 2014
Mission Air


Doctor and pilot, Diane Ireland (Gigi Rice), is the cornerstone of MISSION AIR, traveling
across the Texas/Mexico border helping those in need, while also telling them about a
Healing that reaches far beyond what she can do as a medical professional. Usually a
peaceful adventure, the most recent trip to Villa De Luz puts Diane and her son, Michael
(Tom Maden), face to face with banditos in an altercation ending in gunfire. Soon, Diane
and the entire Ireland family find themselves unexpectedly teamed together against the
Mexican cartel in a fight to protect their mission… and, their lives. Featuring a star-filled
cast – Jamie Kennedy, Tom Arnold, Alexandria Deberry, Paul Rodriguez, Carey Scott –
Mission Air is a modern day tale of faith and trust.

Dove Review

This powerful drama shows that God can keep His people protected, even during moments which would greatly frighten most. Diane Ireland (Gigi Rice) and her son Michael (Tom Maden), are heading back to their plane to depart Mexico after bringing in medical supplies. They encounter thieves who want to take their plane and threaten their lives. A bandito is wounded in the fracas and soon his brother wants revenge and is determined to track down Diane and Michael.

This movie features tense moments, humor (Tom Arnold does an Elvis impersonation), romance between a young couple, and a family’s trust in God after Diane’s husband, Matt (Carey Scott), suffers a heart attack and the loss of his job impedes the income needed to keep Mission Air, in business. On top of this, a family member is kidnapped and held hostage in order for there to be a swap for Diane and Michael. “Mission Air” will keep you in suspense to the end! It clearly shows God’s provision for those who trust Him. We are pleased to award this dramatic movie our Family Approved Seal for ages twelve plus.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A husband and wife share a kiss a few times and a young woman kisses a young man on the cheek a couple of times.
Language: A man calls a Mexican man "Taco".
Violence: A man is shot and later dies; a woman is shot in the leg which results in a surface wound with some blood; shots at a plane and it is hit a few times; other shootings; rifle held on people; a fight which features a young man being hit with a rifle; men seen with weapons; a kidnapping.
Drugs: A young girl is given a shot for medical purposes; a lit cigarette is seen in an ash tray.
Nudity: None
Other: Tension between a few characters including a daughter and father.


Company: PureFlix
Director: Mike Norris
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter