DVD Release: September 2, 2014


We live in an age where the antagonist (or anti-hero) rules, where the “bad guy” is portrayed as a cool, not because he is good, but because he lives on the edge, goes against the grain, and is often times rebellious. He reaps not what he sows, but is depicted as impervious, immortal, cunning, and as one who gets what he wants, despite hurting others along the way. This new, cool “good guy” doesn’t play by the rules, or live by a moral standard, yet somehow the viewer justifies his behavior, especially in films depicting him as a thief, bank robber, adulterer, or worse.

The allure of his charm, charisma and good looks subtly lulls the masses, and wrong slowly seems to become right and right starts to become relative. Ultimately, there are no consequences for sin or Godless choices. Bad has now been glorified as good, exciting, and appealing to watch. A deluge of expletives is the norm, and leading men are no longer the upright, integral heroes we once knew them as (nor are their leading lady counterparts).

Where did we go wrong? When did the lines between right and wrong become so blurred? When did the film industry lose its drive toward a moral standard? Tune into this exciting, creative and unique portrayal of Samson and find out what makes this Biblical film different than others!

Dove Review

This movie showcases a unique take on the story of Samson. The picture opens with a man telling a story to children about “the strongest man ever to live”. The film features nice artwork of various scenes of Samson’s life.

Samson’s life is re-created from the Bible, beginning with an angelic visit to his mother to tell her that he will be born and that he will be a Nazarite, and will not touch a dead body, drink wine, or allow a razor to touch his hair.

The movie also re-creates Samson’s killing of the Philistines with just the jawbone of the donkey, his dallying with Delilah, other feats of his great strength including killing a lion, his death which proved to still be a triumph of sorts in God’s plan. This movie truly uses the scriptural story of Samson as the foundation of its script. We are most pleased to award it our Faith Friendly 12+ Seal. Watching “Samson” is time well spent!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Samson goes off with harlot; a woman dances a sensual dance with veils.
Language: A (used for donkey)-2
Violence: Samson kills a lion but it is the roars that are heard and it is not actually seen on screen; Samson crushes man's hand (screaming is heard); Samson kills some men including the Philistines with a jawbone and they are seen dead on the ground with no blood; man slapped across face; pillars pushed over on people and a man is seen on ground with blood; Jesus' stripes with blood is seen.
Drugs: The drinking of wine in a few scenes.
Nudity: Several shirtless men seen.
Other: Samson is mocked and food is thrown at him.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Director: Jeffrey Scallon
Producer: Rick Shorrock, JFV Scallon in association with Tender Shoot Films
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 90 min.
Starring: Jeffrey Scallon, Alyse Nicole, H. Samuel Santiago, Dr. D. Michael Michael, Gary T. Nolan
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter