Holy Ghost

DVD Release: September 16, 2014
Holy Ghost


Can the Holy Spirit direct a movie? In this fast-paced documentary from the director of the popular films “Finger of God”, “Furious Love”, and “Father of Lights”, Darren Wilson sets out to make a movie that is completely led by the Holy Spirit. No plan, no script, no safety net — just go wherever he feels the Spirit leading him to try and discover the adventure God has for him. Whether it’s the riches of Monte Carlo, a heavy metal concert, or the oldest city in the world, the result is a film that not only challenges and excites, but also reveals a God who is far more alive and active than you ever imagined.

Dove Review

“Holy Ghost” clearly shows that the Spirit of the Living God is moving, and still performing miracles. Darren Wilson wrote the outline, produced and directed this amazing and unique documentary. Various people, such as actor/musician Lenny Kravitz, Tommy Green, Phil Vischer, the creator of “Veggie Tales”, Michael W. Smith, and Brian Welch, lead guitarist of the rock group KORN, as well as many others, comment and share thoughts, as well as pray for the Holy Spirit to anoint others with peace and in some cases, healing.

Various pastors share insights regarding the third member of the Godhead. The filmmaker’s journey takes him to India, where God opens up an amazing door, with Christian songs of praise being sung in a Hindu temple! Even the high priest of the temple is moved by the music and the presence of God. Many people, including an atheist, admit to being healed or feeling the presence of God after receiving personal prayer and a plea for the Holy Spirit to move. This can be a life changing DVD for the viewer. Due to an utterance of language from a girl at a concert, this DVD is awarded our Faith Friendly 12+ Seal. “Holy Ghost” is a documentary that will speak to you!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: G/OMG-2; Geez-1; H-1.
Violence: In one scene it looks like animal flesh is being burned at a sacrifice; it's stated a man grabbed a Christian man that had been singing and he and his friends had to leave for fear of their lives.
Drugs: Some people are seen with alcohol; bar scene; wine; man at table with beer; a comment by a rocker turned Christian that states he used to use Meth, drugs, Xanax, and would drink; and vomit, and his drug dealer is mentioned.
Nudity: Many shirtless people; people in shorts.
Other: A young man receives prayer after saying he has been haunted by spirits since sleeping in a cemetery; one minister believes praying for people by laying on of hands or the dead being raised today is "nonsense"; a woman admits to having sought spiritualists before but after prayer is offered up for her she states she's never experienced anything like that before; some have tattoos and some people many tattoos; Buddhists and Hindus are mentioned.


Company: Capitol Christian Distribution
Director: Darren Wilson
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 115 min.
Starring: We need a much shorter list
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter